The Role of The Celebrant


Hey hey everyone, TWFC here slightly different blog post for you, we want to give you some knowledge on a key part of our festival weddings, the celebrants.


Who is the celebrant I hear you ask?

Well get ready to be educated!


A celebrant is often defined as someone who is certified in performing a rite, in our case weddings!

The great thing about a celebrant is they tailor make the ceremony to the personal life of the couple, it’s an alternative way having of your service. Especially if perhaps you and your partner aren’t religious, it’s the perfect way to send you on your way to the married life!


Some may not know but the exchanging of vows and rings isn’t technically the legal part, and is solely ceremonial. The legal shebang is that you must sign a pretty important piece of paper (aka a marriage license) in front of an authorised person to make the marriage official.  How we see it is; save the paperwork for another day, making your only worry to be your next drink choice!


Blessing Romsey


A popular choice amongst our couples has often been a registry office, or perhaps a church, the choice is yours! So how it works.....head on down to wherever you choose either a day or two before the big day, or if you’d prefer, you could do it the day after (although do consider the mighty hangover).


We like to look at having the official ceremony on a different day as a hugely exciting thing – it allows you to celebrate with your nearest and dearest, before/or after you party the weekend away with the rest of your family and friends!


Happily ever after


When you’ve met the celebrant of your dreams whether this be in person or over skype, they will really get to know the ins and out of you and your partner. When it comes to the celebrant officiating the story of how you two met, it can be shaped to however you wish; this may be the adventurous story of how you two met or keep it as traditional as you want.


Sarah and James


The most amazing thing about the celebrants is that you can add in personal touches to the ceremonies to suit the couple to be. One of our fave weddings this season was witnessing Sarah & James’ blessing, where their cutest moment of the day was them and their children each adding a hand print to a canvas - something that they can now treasure forever * idea now stolen for our future weddings! *


Hand Prints


Another highlight, was Phill & Laura’s wedding, where they both previously wrote letters to each other that they would open on their 10th anniversary along with a bottle of wine to enjoy alongside!


Phil and Laura's box


So, feel free to pick your venue wherever in the world you want and a celebrant can conduct your ceremony!


Love Esme and Lauren xx









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