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Our award-winning wedding festival design and management services provide our couples with a fully-inclusive solution for planning and hosting their very own wedding festival celebration, combining all the beauty of an English country wedding with the abundant fun of a summer festival




We believe that a couple’s journey towards their wedding day should be a smooth and rewarding one. Here at The Wedding Festival Company we take on all the complicated tasks associated with organising large-scale outdoors events leaving you to enjoy the more creative side to planning your dream wedding festival.


From sourcing and booking suppliers and entertainment to contract management, logistical and legal planning and budget management our service has no limitations. We simply take your Wedding Festival vision and transform it into a breath-taking reality for you and all your guests to enjoy.


Just a few services we have offered to our couples previously – 




New for 2018 is our DIY Festival service. We take on all of the complicated logistical and licensing tasks and deliver to your venue, a ready-to-go festival package. All you need to do is provide some festival helpers to decorate your site and prepare your surroundings for the big day itself.


Our team of experienced chefs and bartenders will provide expert and friendly service for your guests throughout that day and our event runners will be on hand to assist with hospitality and litter collection on the day. 


Ssshhhh we’ll even provide a clean up crew for the day after so you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to returning the land exactly as it was found.




Simply outdoors

Newly Engaged; Must read advice (congrats)  

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! This is an incredibly special time for you as a couple, so you MUST celebrate!! With each other, with your families and friends – it's pretty much an excuse to drink Prosecco non-stop for a good few weeks, so don't let the opportunity pass! Secondly, after your two-week Prosecco hangover, the dreaded word is most probably constantly on your mind...planning.  Yes, planning must start eventually, but there is certainly no rush! Take time to talk with your other half about what you're really wanting as a couple, what you agree on, what you don't, and what you will have to compromise on (sorry men, but mostly talking to you here!!). Most importantly, figure out what epitomizes you guys as a couple, and find a way to reflect that within your big day. Thirdly, pick a date, don't stress though! As whether you want to get married in two months or two years, it is possible. Here at The Wedding Festival Company we will make your wedding as perfect as can be, in whatever time frame you need! We have a whopping 42 venues across the UK and counting, so we can create your dream day within as short or long a timespan as you need. Also, when picking your date...would be right in saying that one of the first things you think about when you've picked your date is...'but what if it rains on the day we've picked?!'. None of us are fortune tellers, and unfortunately, we live in England. You might have rain, you might have glorious sunshine (but the TWFC is always fully prepared, with a wet weather contingency plan!). Either way, all you've got to remember is, you're marrying the person you love and it will undoubtedly be the best day of your lives, no matter what the weather. We've cringed ourselves out with that last sentence...  In the early stages of your planning, I am sure many of you are wanting to get as much inspiration as humanly possible (the best weddings are the ones that steal all the great ideas from other weddings, magazines and websites, just saying!). There are several places you can start with getting your inspo; -    To list just a few, Bridebook is a great app to start with – you can even find all of our services on there too.-    Bride Magazine is a fab place to start also. There are different editions for each county, and TWFC are in the Hampshire and Dorset editions if you want to keep an eye out for us.-    Another great thing to do if you like seeing everything in front of your own eyes is attending Wedding fairs where you can see everything from dresses and flowers, to tasting cakes and canapes! We'd be lying if we said we haven't often been tempted to go just for the freebee canapes...-    Pinterest is a fave of ours to get inspiration from, from décor to food ideas, Pinterest is the holy grail for style!  And then finally comes the endless list of extras that need to be thought about. Budget, guest list, venue, musicians, food choices, drink choices (we like to prioritize this first), and the list goes on. And then there's the aspects that you probably wouldn't think about such as licensing, finding the best quotes from suppliers, and the unglamorous elements such as booking toilets and skips. These are what we call 'the boring bits' and they're the bits that we believe our couples should never have to worry or even think about.We take care of all of the above and beyond, and it is solely up to you and your partner to have as much or as little input as you wish. We hope this advice blog comes in handy, and we would love for you to get in contact with us, no matter what stage you are at with your planning! We hope you've had a brilliant Christmas and wish you all a happy new year! Lots of festive love, Lauren and Esme xxxxx    Contact us now to book your Wedding! View our online brochure for full info here email – – 01329 488280   #LetsCelebrate​

Simply outdoors

Five Factors why not to worry about your festival wedding  

 1.    No Need to Feel the Chill! To start with, our festival season begins in May and ends in September – this is so we can ensure the months we put on festivals are the warmest out of them all. It might be that evenings are slightly chilly than during the days, but we like to think of this positively. We have campfires, blankets, and marshmallows to toast, making sure all guests feel cosy and warm.  2.    The Dreaded R Word... And now for the frightful word that is on everyone's tongues when organizing their festival wedding...RAIN. Yes, we are in England, there is the chance of rain! But that is something that here at I Do, we are totally prepared for in our wet weather contingency plans. We like to refer to it as a form of liquid sunshine that occasionally graces us with its presence! As long as you come armed with a brolly and welly boots for back up, we've got the rest covered.  3.    But will my wedding be legally binding after the blessing? So, if you know your stuff on our festival weddings, you will know that the blessing ceremony cannot count as 'the official legal bit'. How we see it is; save the paperwork for another day, making your only worry to be your next drink choice! We recommend that you head down to either a registry or a church before your big festival day, or the day after if you wish, and enjoy the excitement of the festival with your nearest and dearest!  4.    The nitty gritty of the cost So here at I Do, it is our number one priority to tailor our services to suit your budget as much as we can. We can offer bronze, silver, and gold packages, where we can create bespoke packages for you. Additionally, our simply outdoors package has been created to suit couples who are not wanting to spend quite as much, offering more of a starter pack for the essential elements of your festival wedding. Even though we offer these set packages, every quote we put together is customized and individual to the couple, where we do whatever we can to accommodate to your requirements and needs. 5.    Logistics of a field When you're choosing an outdoor venue to host your wedding, you are essentially choosing a blank canvas. Although this is great for creating a site that is personal and authentic to you and your partner's day, it means there are certain things you need to think about that perhaps you wouldn't think of if choosing a hotel venue etc. For example, we have to think about hiring in toilets, a skip for waste, a mobile fridge, power, water, security, comfort, the list goes on! However, it's a list that you certainly don't have to worry about. We have got it all covered, leaving you just the fun bits to plan!    Contact us now to book your Wedding! View our online brochure for full info here email – – 01328 448280  #LetsCelebrate​

Angus and Sinead

Our brand New Wedding Brochure  

 The day is finally here! We have announced our brand new wedding brochure for 2018/2019, and boy are we excited to share it with you! As you may already know, we are the UK’s only fully inclusive wedding festival provider, and we have five amazing packages starting at just £13,500, that can be tailored to suit your individual needs. If we haven’t tooted our own trumpets too much already, we have also recently been accepted into the fantastic UK alliance of wedding planners LTD community - at least you know you’ll be in safe hands with us!   We thought we could give you a brief run through of our awesome new and improved packages, alongside our mouth-watering new menus. So with that said, if anyone’s feeling hungry, maybe don’t read the next part?  Our Street Food Catering Company and The Swine Waiter have been working incredibly hard to perfect a menu that is bound to blow your taste buds off your tongue!    We have been under strict instructions from our previous clients to keep some of the big pan favourites. For example, our chicken and chorizo paella, thai green curry, chicken fajitas, and of course, after popular demand, our traditional hog roasts.  However, alongside these all-time faves, we thought it was most definitely time to rejuvenate our menu choices, ensuring there is something for everyone.   For example, here at TWFC, we are all about keeping up with the latest trends, with one trend taking the world by storm – THE VEGAN. For both vegans and vegetarians, we are providing a variety of delicious, high quality options; from vegan shepherd’s pie, to spinach and falafel burgers…we are even making our own vegan pizzas – yes, it is possible!    If you’re looking for more of a formal dining experience, our Swine Waiter has you covered. We offer luxurious 3 course sit down meals, with the possibility of waiter service to make your day as stress free as possible.  If you read that whole section on our food options without going to get seven biscuits, then we commend you!  So…onto our brand new packages. We’ve hopefully made it as self-explanatory as we can with our fully engineered wedding festival package starting at £22,200, with silver and gold upgrades available – pretty good we thought?! We won’t bang on for too long about these as all the essential info is on the brochure, but with the amount of services each inclusive price offers, these prices are really too good to miss.    We also have two other packages available that are slightly more budget-friendly, which are a great alternative if you are interested in the ‘do it yourself’ approach. In simple terms, we supply the infrastructure and essential services, yet you get to take control on how you decorate, host and manage your day.   Of course, we still offer a multitude of services that remain the same, yet giving them a revamp so we can offer our clients only the best. From glamping, to marquee hire, to catering and bar and many many more, take a look at the brochure to get more information about all the fantastic additions we can offer.   We hope this has shed some light onto just a few of the many things you can expect to read about in our fresh-faced brochure, and that you love it as much as we do!  Love Es and Lauren xxxx       Contact us now to book your wedding festival View our online brochure for full info here Email – – 01329 448280  #LETSCELEBRATE

Sarah and James

Sarah & James; BrillFest

At the TWFC we were super excited for Sarah and James wedding because for the first time this season, we arrived at our gorgeous venue in Tadley near Basingstoke. This beautiful site is also a herb farm and the scent of camomile floats around all weekend long. As the WedFest Crew got the site up and ready, we had some fantastic guest helpers who eagerly got stuck into making the site look magic! They were rewarded handsomely with a cool beer at the end of that long hot day!  With the site officially ready and raring to go we were all prepped for our fabulous first guests to arrive!  Close family and friends arrived on the Friday as the groom himself, James Dillon, heated up the barbeque to sizzle up a proper feast for everyone whilst our bar quenched our thirsty guests.After feasting and drinking and laughing their way through this first evening our guests bedded down for the night in their glam bell tents, knowing full well they’d need all the sleep they could get in preparation for the big day ahead.   And then the day Sarah and James had waited for so long had finally arrived! With the final guests arriving from 10am, everyone headed over to the bar to get the day well and truly buzzing in the glorious sunshine!As the guests gathered in our picturesque blessing area right in the centre of our festival arena, our beautiful bride Sarah made her grand entrance in a vintage VW campervan, accompanied by her gorgeous bridesmaids – one of them being her ridiculously cute and beautifully dressed daughter. As Sarah began her walk down the aisle, one of our favourite acoustic artists Just Millie sung a delicate and heartwarming version of the Elton John classic, ‘Something About The Way You Look Tonight’.  This was one of our favourite ceremonies of the summer as you could see the love between the two bursting out. But not least because the newlyweds added a gorgeously personal touch by having pots of paint to create a canvas of theirs and their childrens handprints as their very own marriage blessing certificate – a beautiful memory they can treasure forever.   After the ceremony, the Bake Off was officially on! Tea, coffee, and most importantly CAKE, was available in the Vintage Tea Party tent all day. Our personal favourite was the triple-tiered sponge cake that was specially personalized for the bride and groom – RIP summer bodies!  Whilst the guests busied themselves with either the bar or eating cake, the kids made themselves at home in their very own Arts and Crafts Tent – they particularly liked the free reign of paint and glitter!! Although our very brilliant kids tent leader Matt Anderson did end up looking like a glittered version of a Picasso painting!  Let’s also not forget Sarah and James’ very own Pic n Mix station, where guests could fill their bags to the brim!Lunch was then served! Our fantastic chefs Greg and Vio from TSFCC cooked up a delicious paella, both for our meat eaters and veggies. Served with crusty baguettes, the guests tucked into their meals, lounging in the glorious sun on our hay bale sofas as Just Millie continued to serenade everyone with her sweet sounds. Being the ever conscientious and fab mum that she is Sarah had prepared individual snack boxes for each of the many kids at the festival. We were super jealous of the dinosaur shaped cheese! It was safe to say our guests did not go hungry!  After bellies were full to the brim, it was then time to enjoy the long-awaited speeches, with Sarah’s dad Peter kicking it all off. We find that the best speeches from groomsmen are the ones that set out to utterly humiliate their dear friend in any shape or form, which was definitely the case for James’ groomsmen – congrats guys I hope James has spoken to you since! Alongside their speech, they had huge, blown up pictures of James’ stag do for everyone to relish, showing him in various states of consciousness that night…!  Once the red faces had subsided  the arrival of one of our favourite ever artists, Remedy Sounds, boosted the party mood for everyone. Playing a mixture of quirky covers of well known-classics, and showing his incredible talent for rapping and beatboxing, he went down an absolute storm with the guests. Fan-girling was definitely a thing for some of the ladies, including the Wed Fest girls as always!  Something that was particularly snazzy for Sarah and James’s wedding was the incredible photo booth provided by My Selfie Media – taking snaps for the guests to relive the day, or perhaps for jogging their memories if they are slightly hazy on the days events! The afternoon was then in full swing with the amazing line-up. including; Smiley Campbell, and The Lionels all absolutely killing it! Then it was boogie time for all, where everyone grabbed a partner for the ceilidh dance performed by one of TWFC favourites, Rufus Returns– who knew that alcohol increased dance ability?! Has to be said though, there was some definite dad dancing going on from various guests!  TWFC all absolutely love their food so they were grinning from ear to ear when it was time for the main event in our eyes – cutting the cake – or should we say – the pie and cheese. Once again, adding their own touch, Sarah and James had a mountainous Pork Pie cake, as well as an impressive  triple tiered cheese cake – a completely original idea that went down a storm with guests and staff alike!   After people stuffed their faces with pie, cheese and crackers, it was time for the bride and groom to take the stage for their first dance to Elbow’s uplifting classic ‘One Day Like This’. Once all eyes had been on them, their guests well and truly joined the party. Take a look at this snap of James and the kids, taken seconds after their running jump at him!  It was food time once again, with one of everyone’s favourite feasts that the chefs cook up – Fish and Chips, with, of course, all of the essentials - tartar sauce and deliciously mushy peas. Everyone devoured their meals, lining their stomachs for a night of booze and boogying.   Late into the evening, it was then time for the Silent Disco, headed up by two of the groomsmen as DJ’s – the battle was well and truly on to play the sickest tunes. Shout out to Sarah who went around changing everyone’s channel to her favourite band, Take That, to what can only be described as a mixed reaction! So we believe in every silent disco the guests need some form of snacks to munch on whilst boogying, so we thought we’d cook up something really healthy and nutritious – of course we’re joking, we cooked up some hearty cheese toasties as who wants a piece of lettuce at midnight when sufficiently boozy?! The incredible fireworks display was the perfect end to a perfect day, before people stumbled back to their bell tents to conk out for the night. Before the Wed Fest crew headed to bed, we made sure we had fully prepped a sufficient amount of coffee for the mornings as we were predicting quite a few sore heads! Thank you so much Sarah and James for allowing us to be a part of your special day, it was truly memorable for all!  Love Lauren, Chloe, Katy and Esme xxxx       Contact us now to book your Simply Outdoors marquee wedding View our online brochure for full info here email – – 020 3281 1070mobile – 07909 337 016  #LetsCelebrate​


The Role of The Celebrant  

Hey hey everyone, TWFC here slightly different blog post for you, we want to give you some knowledge on a key part of our festival weddings, the celebrants. Who is the celebrant I hear you ask?Well get ready to be educated! A celebrant is often defined as someone who is certified in performing a rite, in our case weddings!The great thing about a celebrant is they tailor make the ceremony to the personal life of the couple, it’s an alternative way having of your service. Especially if perhaps you and your partner aren’t religious, it’s the perfect way to send you on your way to the married life! Some may not know but the exchanging of vows and rings isn’t technically the legal part, and is solely ceremonial. The legal shebang is that you must sign a pretty important piece of paper (aka a marriage license) in front of an authorised person to make the marriage official.  How we see it is; save the paperwork for another day, making your only worry to be your next drink choice!  A popular choice amongst our couples has often been a registry office, or perhaps a church, the choice is yours! So how it works.....head on down to wherever you choose either a day or two before the big day, or if you’d prefer, you could do it the day after (although do consider the mighty hangover). We like to look at having the official ceremony on a different day as a hugely exciting thing – it allows you to celebrate with your nearest and dearest, before/or after you party the weekend away with the rest of your family and friends!  When you’ve met the celebrant of your dreams whether this be in person or over skype, they will really get to know the ins and out of you and your partner. When it comes to the celebrant officiating the story of how you two met, it can be shaped to however you wish; this may be the adventurous story of how you two met or keep it as traditional as you want.  The most amazing thing about the celebrants is that you can add in personal touches to the ceremonies to suit the couple to be. One of our fave weddings this season was witnessing Sarah & James’ blessing, where their cutest moment of the day was them and their children each adding a hand print to a canvas - something that they can now treasure forever * idea now stolen for our future weddings! *  Another highlight, was Phill & Laura’s wedding, where they both previously wrote letters to each other that they would open on their 10th anniversary along with a bottle of wine to enjoy alongside!  So, feel free to pick your venue wherever in the world you want and a celebrant can conduct your ceremony! Love Esme and Lauren xx        Contact us now to book your Simply Outdoors marquee wedding View our online brochure for full info here email – – 020 3281 1070mobile – 07909 337 016  #LetsCelebrate​

Emma and Lee

Emma & Lee Woolstock Festival  

TWFC crew arrived back at it’s birthplace, Pinkmead Farm in Botley, where SJ herself got married and created the first ever festival wedding! This time though, we were here for the 4 day marriage extravaganza of the lovely Emma and Lee. Our longest festival to date kicked off with our guests arriving with their family and friends to move into their luxurious bell tent homes for the weekend! After getting themselves settled in and acquainted with their new surroundings our bar was officially opened for business – huge cheers were raised to the fun-packed weekend ahead!  Dinner time was soon upon us (cooked by the lovely TSFCC) with the smell of fiery fajitas cooked up by our master chefs travelling through the festival site. As our guests tucked into much needed grub singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Dan Eagle, serenaded the eager crowds with some sweet tunes! After some glorious singalongs last orders at the bar were called, to ensure there weren’t too many sore heads on the morning of the big day!  As the Wed Fest Crew were adding the extra gorgeous flowers from The Flower Girl to blessing area, guests were enjoying their breakfast and some well needed coffee to soothe their heads! With the sun shining and the guests as looking glam as can be we were ready and waiting for the bridal party to make their grand entrance. Lee and his brother enjoyed a last minute tipple before making their way down the aisle to wait for Emma!  In true festival style Emma made a grand entrance in a stunning old school VW Campervan, provided by the brilliant folks at Vinnie’s Vintage Vehicle! Their blessing was led by close friend Jim who had the guests roaring with laughter as tales of Emma and Lee’s romance were recounted. After the special two made their vows official, the sweet tones of one of our favourite performers, Just Millie, sang out the Turtles’ classic song Happy Together as bride and groom made their way through the crowds and were showered with confetti.   Just Millie then headed straight for our outdoor stage for more of her acoustic gorgeousness. The glorious sunshine meant our fab guests were out in force cheering her soulful tunes and catching some long overdue summer sun lounging on straw bales.  With wine on the table and their food ready to be served, it was time for the guests to be seated in our Big Top marquee! A major shoutout is deserved for the creator of the seating plan and all the decorative chalkboards! With bursts of colour everywhere and some ingenious use of old CDs this was such a unique and artistic touch to the day! Our guests were treated to not 1, not 2, but 3 delicious big pan favourites! The lucky devils had a choice of our famous paella, fiery chicken fajitas and a flavoursome chicken curry!  As guests tucked into their meals, prosecco was popped and poured ready for the speeches; we couldn’t wait to hear them! And boy did they not disappoint – Lee gave a heartfelt and tearful (on his part) message to his new wife and their family! We do love a sensitive soul that is in touch with his emotions – we salute you Lee!Next up on our main stage were the incredible Electric Eden! They stormed the stage for a fiery set of banging covers, getting all our guests up on their feet! Something else that got them moving was the Cocktail Happy Hour in our Bollywood Bar! Guests could sip on freshly made cocktails, created by our own team of master mixologists! The cocktails were designed to be unique to the day and our gorgeous couple with names such as;Woo-WoolonEmma-retto SoursSex in a TentPina Co-Lee-daLove and Marriage Mojito  The guests lapped them up throughout the night!A face painter then took over our Bollywood Bar, decorating the faces of the guests – some with more extravagant designs than others! We love having face painters for our events, it really helps to add to the festival vibe – and who doesn’t love a bit of glitter?!? Now for a part that we all love… CAKE! This time served from Mrs G’s beautiful Vintage Van, guests could indulge in scrumptious cakes, washed down with a proper cup of tea or coffee – very British indeed.It was then time for Remedy Sounds to take to the stage and what a set it was – if we weren’t fan-girling him enough on events before, we sure did now! He really got everyone going and even created the guests their own song, using their favourite object of the day… those whistles! TWFC crew certainly lost some eardrums in the process…  One of the most memorable moments of his set was definitely the dance off – winners decided by the bride and groom of course! Apparently Strictly hasn’t requested any of the guests to be on the next series – shocking isn’t it?The Grooveline’s set then commenced with the first dance! Their performance was unforgettable with catchy covers aplenty. This is the first time TWFC have heard this band play this season and we’re now hoping it won’t be the last as they were absolutely fab.  If we weren’t being British enough from our vintage tea party van, we certainly would be now, when it was officially time for the Fish and Chips, a firm favourite of our guests! They were served with fluffy chips, proper mushy peas, tartare sauce and lemon wedges – gloriously scrumptious. Although a lot of us are now are suffering with mild obesity, we wouldn’t take it back as that food was just so damn good!  The fire pits were then lit for the first time, ready in time for S’mores and the second Happy Hour of the Day. Another happy hour I hear you say?! What can we say, we like to treat our fantastic guests! At one point, Emma became our trusted mixologist, where she creatively improvised with ingredients and generated a snazzy concoction, attemping to make her fave cocktail - a cosmo. We were all pleasantly surprised and would therefore love Emma to work with us full time as our Mixologist – what do you think Emma?! Congratulations to all of our guests, as by the end of the busy hour, they successfully managed to rinse us dry of all our cocktail booze – what an achievement.  It was then time for our headline act, Big Town Boppers to really rock the night away! This REALLY felt like a full-blown festival when watching the band and the guests dance the night away non-stop to their bangin’ tunes – who needs Bestival?! With cocktails in one hand and a toasted marshmallow (or seven) in another, the guests were anticipating the long awaited silent disco. With headphones on and music blaring, it didn’t disappoint. All of us here at I Do Festivals  also joined in, as the playlists were totally infectious and impossible to not boogie to! As if that wasn’t enough, the midnight snacks were served in the form of Dirty Burgers and Cheesy Chips - thoroughly enjoyed by all, particularly TWFC crew! And no we did NOT have four huge helpings of the cheesy chips…  With full belly’s, dizzy heads and sore feet from dancing too much, it was the perfect end to a perfect night as the guests stumbled back to their bell tent village for some needed shut eye before another fun-packed day ahead!The morning of day 3 certainly saw some sore heads; the only thing for it was our WedMary’s, reviving them ready for the sports day soon to come! That’s right…a SPORT’S DAY the morning after an incredibly heavy night – what champions they are, we certainly couldn’t have done it!!  And what a laugh Sports Day was! Team Bride vs. Team Groom certainly amped up the competition but there could only be one winner… it was of course the girls in Team Bride! Special mention to the full on battle of Tug of War, in which the girls shocked everyone and reigned victorious! Well done to Team Groom as well for being such good sports (even though you lost). Mr Charlie commenced the afternoon’s music, some much needed chill time for our guests who basked in the sunshine. Whilst the adults lounged around recovering, the kids never seemed to leave the bouncy castle, which was undoubtedly a massive hit throughout the entire weekend.  Our famous Hog Roast was served by the TSFCC to the sounds of the Racketeers bringing the party to life…again. TWFC seriously don’t know how the guests managed to start drinking again – hats off to the gentleman who started at 10:30am with a double vodka coke!  Our final headliner of the whole weekend was The Underdogs, who were personally recommended to us by Emma and Lee; their tunes were enjoyed by guests whilst they sipped on yet another 2-4-1 cocktail! And with cocktails means snacks are in order too, this time in the form of Cheese and Ham Toasties and Cones of Chips. They were perfect for the evening and finished off once again by our buzzing Silent Disco! Thanks so much to Emma and Lee for having us, we had a blast and won’t forget you guys in a hurry! Love Chloe, Lauren, Katy and EsmeXxx   Contact us now to book your Simply Outdoors marquee wedding View our online brochure for full info here email – – 020 3281 1070mobile – 07909 337 016  #LetsCelebrate​


We are the UK’s only fully-inclusive Wedding Festival provider, delivering beautifully bespoke festival weddings for those seeking unique and long lasting nuptial memories

The Wedding Festival Company


The Wedding Festival Company

welcome to The Wedding Festival Company - home of UK wedding festival dreams

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The Wedding Festival Company have built up a portfolio of hand-picked venues across the UK all perfect for hosting a festival wedding. We have exclusive rights over many of these venues and work very closely with the landowners before and after your event to continually improve the sites facilities and ensure that footprints and memories are all we leave behind.





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The Wedding Festival Company
The Wedding Festival Company

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welcome to The Wedding Festival Company the home of UK wedding festival dreams



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  • Exclusive private venue sourcing and booking
  • Luxury marquee hire
  • Beautiful outdoor ceremonies
  • Luxury glamping services
  • World-class entertainment booking
  • Full sound, stage and lighting solutions
  • Personalised festival wristbands and lanyards
  • Taste-tantalising street food festival catering
  • Luxury formal outdoor catering
  • Festival bar hire
  • Themed cocktail bars
  • Inflatables
  • Pop up photo booths
  • Bespoke prop and décor design and hire
  • Giant festival flags
  • Large group travel arrangements
  • Offsite accommodation
  • Children’s arts and craft tents
  • Pony rides
  • Silent disco
  • Full event management and staffing

Of course, anything is possible in the world of festival weddings (just try us!)


Do you want a standard wedding or do you want something different, that friends and family will talk about for years to come, a beautiful and unique celebration that is truly yours forever?




In conjunction with luxury outdoors caterers The Swine Waiter, we have developed a luxury package for those seeking a more formal approach to their marquee wedding reception. Bringing the elegance of a stately home wedding into the boundless beauty of the English countryside, The Simply Outdoors package provides a fully-inclusive solution for couples wishing to organising their own boutique outdoors wedding reception celebration.

  • Exclusive venue sourcing
  • Vintage pole marquee hire – fully furnished, decorated and lined
  • Extensive prop, décor and lighting hire
  • Welcome drinks package
  • Luxury 3-course wedding breakfast – incl all service staff and table ware

  • Fully-licensed bar
  • Set evening meal
  • All supplier booking and liaison management
  • All amenities
  • Online rsvp management 

Wow your guests with a weekend long wedding celebration they will never forget!

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