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For those of you that know me well, know that I can pull off shizz and I am reasonably good at festivals. However, one thing you will also know is that I am not to be trusted with a secret.  Not because I will maliciously gossip about it, just that the moment I am told I can’t say something, a trigger goes off inside me and my vocal chords grow arms and legs, leap from my throat into my mouth and start to ply my mouth open ready to unleash its worst!  This is of course all going on while my brain is still blissfully unaware of the consequences of the knowledge of said secret.  Actually, thinking about it, that’s not just with secrets, must try harder…


So, it comes as a spectacular surprise for me that I have been able to contain myself, vocal chords and motor mouth for a few months before I can formally announce our new Creative Director.


Ok I do have a slight confession here that I am writing this a few weeks before his start date and yes I do have pangs of guilt running through me in a very pleasurable way.


Let me introduce you to my former guilty pleasure and now formally appointed Director of our group, Mr Max Lindsay. Max joins us having worked in the arts for 10 years. During his time and I can speak from personal experience here, he has directed and delivered some exceptional first class performances. Max began his career as an actor performing at various major theatres including the Royal National Theatre. He made the move to directing and creating plays when he joined Nuffield Southampton Theatres. During this period he directed over 18 plays including commissioning 3 new plays and working with world-renowned writers such as Philip Ridley and Evan Placey. In the last year he has been working on plays in and around London including ‘Cargo’ at the Arcola Theatre, Broken Gargoyles at Theatre 503 and Snow White with Duncan James and Lesley Joseph. He bring his keen eye for artistic detail as well as wealth of brilliantly creative contacts to the company.


Max’s role as our Creative Director for The I Do Festival Group is two-fold. Creative in terms of site design, theme and look across the group, but equally assisting us to expand into commercial festivals. We aim to work very closely with local councils to deliver all sorts of events over the next five years from food festivals through to arts festivals. These community based events are something that we have wanted to work towards for some time now, the issue has always been the financial risk of funding core infrastructure. The good news is that now we own the majority of the infrastructure the whole project becomes significantly more de-risked. We are aiming to get ourselves into the position whereby we can deliver an awful lot back into local communities other than just the delivery of the event.


Max will also be working and developing our relationship with our corporate clients. Corporate festivals are fairly new to the market and we are hugely excited about the events we have booked for 2017.  We are also very much looking forward to nurturing and expanding on those client relationships.


Ok enough about the boring stuff…What can I tell you about Max?! Here’s the low down and my brain has engaged prior to typing! I have known Max personally for five years now, he is one of the most enthusiastic, passionate and driven people I know. He is extremely hard working and a stickler for perfection. He is incredibly talented and also of course, as you can see, totally gorgeous with an infectious infamous laugh and an outrageous sense of humour. He also loves a good G&T! He is just perfect for us and we hope that we will be as perfect for him.


So, we would all like you to all join us in Welcoming Max to the team. We wish him the very best of luck in his career change, we know he will absolutely shine.


Love out


SJ xx 





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