Meet our interns part 2! Here's Lauren!

Hello Hello!


I’m Lauren and I’ve recently just finished my degree at the University of Exeter studying Drama – being horribly plummeted into the real world of adult life! I’ve gone from getting up at 2pm in the afternoon and watching endless episodes of Eastenders and Love Island, to smashing my phone up every morning when the alarm goes off at 6:30am for placement! But asides from the early starts, I am loving the start of my 6 months with I Do Festivals.


The events industry is something I’ve always been interested in and excited by, and I Do Festivals seems to stand

out from the rest (the managers haven’t paid me to say this I swear). The company seems so vibrant and creative, and has ideas that are so innovative for events that I’ve already started internally planning an event for myself!!

For anyone who knows me, I am the biggest organizational freak you could ever meet. I start to twitch if anything is even slightly unorganized/unplanned/disordered/messy…the list goes on. My beloved friends often label me as either a control freak, OCD, unnecessarily bossy, and apparently I always think I’m right - obviously I would disagree but I guess that probably proves them all right.


I’m really excited as I’ve just found out I’ve received a First Class Honours in my degree when I graduate next month, but am pretty sure I only managed that from relying on my laptop’s thesaurus throughout my dissertation to make myself sound smarter (pretty much what I’ve done when writing this blog too)!


I’m massively excited to see what my time with I Do Festivals holds, but if my first week here is anything to go by, hopefully we’re all going to have a blast!


Hopefully see you all in a tent somewhere! 


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