Meet Lauren, the newest member of our team!

Hi! I'm Lauren!


I’ve recently just joined the I Do Festivals Group and I am already loving it! 


I studied Media Studies at the University of Brighton and realised in my 2nd year that I wanted to work within the events industry. 


I have been going to festivals for ten years (that makes me feel old…) and I absolutely love them! I love the ‘festival bubble’, as I call it, where your most important decisions of the day are which band you want to see and what food stall you’re going to get dinner from! For a few days you’re cut off from everything and blissfully unaware of the stress and worries of life in the real world. World War 3 could have started and you wouldn’t have a clue! 

The next logical step to continue spending all my time in fields was to work at festivals! And over the summer months of the last four years that’s exactly what I’ve done, oh and waitressing in the off-peak seasons at two very different restaurants. I began working at festivals in voluntary positions and quickly built up experience and contacts that lead me to paid positions, yay for my bank balance!


I now specialise in Artist Liaison, Rider Management and Artist Transport. In all of these positions our team are responsible to provide the very best care to artists and their management/crew during their time on site. I have looked after countless bands, including: Foals, Everything Everything, Dizzee Rascal, Slaves, Nothing But Thieves, Goldie, Mystery Jets, Loyle Carner & Sundara Karma), and have heard far too many strange rider requests, highlights are: hypo-allergenic kittens and an interesting breakfast cereal of my choosing, honestly, nothing phases or surprises me anymore. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to keep me on my toes with crazy and bizarre requests!  


5 facts about me…

• My essential festival items: 

An air freshener for your tent, ear plugs/eye mask and lots of bin bags (so you can sit on wet grass without getting a soggy bum). 

• The thing I’m scared of: 

Boats. Or any floating vessel. They weigh so much and can still float?! They aren’t logical. They’ll sink and I’ll be eaten by sharks. 

• Favourite film(s):

The Fifth Element, Blazing Saddles, The Addam’s Family, and anything directed by Wes Anderson. 

• My guilty pleasure song:

‘Party in the USA’ by Miley Cyrus. No shame. 

• Little known fact about me: 

I can rap the whole of ‘Gold Digga’ by Kanye West. Pass me a wine and I’ll show ya! 






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